Stringin' - TV/WEB Series

Stringin’ is a modern TV and web series being filmed entirely around the Greater Pittsburgh region by the production company, CineFX Studios LLC.

The show will follow the day-to-day life of a breaking news photojournalist as they cover events such as structure fires, vehicle crashes, police chases, and more around Pittsburgh. While filming incidents, the battle between emergency services and news media professionals will highlight the disconnect from public safety officials and the public. Part of the show will also showcase how other states enacted media protection laws to allow news journalists the full freedom of the press, without restricting movement by reporters and videographers.

Any potential crew members should send their resume to [email protected] and should provide a current film resume and VALID contact information. We are currently seeking crew positions for camera operators, audio technicians, and production management.


Production Company: CineFX Studios LLC

Director: Austin Ayers

1st Asst. Director: Ryan Focht

Publicist: Eddie Armstrong